What is Stronger Down the Stretch?

Survive midlife without a crisis

At its core, Stronger Down the Stretch is about me looking in the mirror and not liking what I saw. I glanced around at my contemporaries which was even less inspiring. We all appeared to be struggling. Thinning hairlines, expanding waistlines, many broken marriages, and an aimless meandering to retirement.

Approaching 50+ years old felt like zooming down a water slide, the kind with a few bumps along the way but still zipping to the big splash very quickly. You look back up the hill and realize, “Crap! Two-thirds of my life is over.” And you got here with the most energy, strength, and cognitive functions our decaying bodies may ever have. You think about your parents and their declining health.

A quiet desperation rolls in like the evening fog.

Oh wait, I know what I’m feeling.


And the onset of a crisis it often brings.

Christian men can suffer a midlife crisis, too

It was a startling revelation. A midlife crisis and the destruction it causes isn’t the track I wanted for my life. My only sustaining goal has been to finish strong and remain faithful to God and my family. But these midlife feelings were a crack in my armor, and Christian men aren’t insulated from them. The divorce rate for Christians is close to 35%. One-third of all Christian marriages end in divorce! As a Christian man who God appointed as the spiritual leader of my family, I put much of the blame on husbands.

I could easily be a sad statistic unless something changed. The man in the mirror was fat, unhealthy, and not very happy about his place in life. Fortunately, his God-fearing wife of 30+ years was very patient.

A midlife decision

So, I committed to a change that included time with God and His Word every day, a healthy lifestyle, and a resolve to discover my vocational purpose or “why.” This decision transformed and rejuvenated me. When I glanced back on my journey, I felt two emotions — overwhelming gratitude and heart-sinking sadness. Thankful I found my path yet grieved because of the struggles other men face leading to broken marriages and wrecked families.

I can do something about this, I thought. Other Christian men feel the same way I did, and God showed me the way through. I can share my experiences and lessons. So, I began to write a book, which I’m still writing.

But I can do more than write a one-and-done book.

Stronger Down the Stretch is Born

Christian men and women approaching midlife need constant encouragement to stay the course, be strong, and grow stronger in mind, body, and spirit. My wife and I talked and decided to start this site. She’s the academic in the family who incessantly does deep-dive studies on healthy living, the Bible, End Times, and any other topic that strikes her fancy. Her Google Drive is filled with documents she’s created and uses to help me, her family, and friends who take an interest. She also believes in this Stronger Down the Stretch vision to help our contemporaries and will be a frequent writer on this site.

Her name is Sandra. The family calls her Sanj.

So, that’s how Stronger Down the Stretch evolved. I genuinely believe if Christian men and women are healthy in mind, body, and spirit, they can avoid midlife crises and we want to help! We’re here to encourage you in the Lord and provide practical help to strengthen your mind and body.

We hope you’ll be part of our journey and share yours with us.

Let’s finish stronger.

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