Have You Been In Such a Desperate Situation, But God…?

Have you lived through an experience that was bleak, hopeless, and desperate and could do absolutely nothing to help yourself?

All would’ve been lost, but God intervened?

I’ve lived through a few.

When the Great Recession of 2008 crushed my real estate research business and eviscerated our life savings, I cried to God for help, and He sent a friend who offered me a job. But cynics might say I could’ve worked my way through it with hard work and ingenuity.


When our landlord asked us to move in 2013 because he wanted to sell the house, we were climbing out of debt and poor credit. Buying a house was impossible, but I prayed, and God found a way. Skeptics could attribute our success to my dogged determination and a few lucky breaks.


When we were deciding between two houses, and I felt immense pressure to make the right decision, I had a vivid dream providing undeniable clarity. Someone might believe the revelation was due to the power of the unconscious mind.


I understand the skeptics and cynics because I am one.

But I have another example that no one has been able to explain away for 26 years.

My wife was 18 weeks pregnant with our first child when the first ultrasound showed our baby’s chest cavity filled with cysts. Her tiny heart was displaced and smashed, and the doctors gave her two weeks before the heart gave up under immense pressure. If the heart survived full-term, our baby would have no lung tissue.

Our OB/GYN couldn’t do anything, so he prayed with us for a miracle.

The neonatal specialist had no help for us, so he advised my wife to abort the baby.

No one could do anything to save our baby but God and prayer.

Our hopelessly lost baby turns 26 next month.

So, when you’re down and out, desperate and lost, exhausted of all human effort and means, but God…

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